Forensic pathologists

A forensic pathologist says she thought Jon Styres fell to his hands and knees after being shot in the chest by Peter Khill, before Khill fired again for a second and final time.

Forensic pathologists provide vital expertise in cases where a person has died in suspicious circumstances. Forensic pathology is a service provided to coroners and police forces in England and Wales to assist investigations into homicide or suspicious deaths. In Scotland, this responsibility lies with procurators fiscal. Collaborates with other Departmental Pathologists and team members; trains and directs the work of forensic autopsy assistants and other support staff. Participates in educational programs.

A forensic pathologist must have a thorough grasp of the scope of disease processes, including natural disease. While most think that our job is all gunshot wounds and other trauma, 50 percent of the average caseload in a medical examiner's office deals with deaths due to natural disease.




Human remains are treated as a separate and unique type of forensic evidence. An autopsy of the remains is completed to determine the cause and manner of any death that is.

Sub-specialties Provided by Pathology Service The Forensic Pathology team comprises forensic pathologists, scientists and technical specialists. The VIFM is also a training organisation of choice for doctors undertaking postgraduate medical specialist training in forensic pathology and these related disciplines.

CSI television programs with their medical examiners have introduced the public to all causes of death. Dr. Judy Melinek is a forensic pathologist practicing.